Z-STOP Zinc Strip Roof Moss Prevention

The Issue:

z-stop roof moss prevention - Image of roofing showing z-stop protected versus non protected damage. Z-Stop can prevent damage to roofing material and help save costly roof repairFollowing an expensive roof repair, roofing remodel, or roof cleaning, you may notice a prevalent problem in your neighborhood: the presence of black or green discoloration on roof shingles, known as roof moss or roof algae. If left unaddressed, this unsightly growth can gradually deteriorate the roofing material, leading to potential damage and further costly repairs.

The Resolution:

Rolls of Z-Stop - Z-Stop zinc strip roof moss and fungus inhibitor for wood or composition roofingIntroducing our solution – Z-STOP. It is all about what you will not see! Z-STOP, available in convenient 50-foot rolls, is a zinc strip that serves as a powerful barrier against roof moss, algae, and fungus growth. Easily installed on your roof, it safeguards the integrity, appearance, and value of your roof. Z-STOP is a zinc-based inhibitor specifically designed to combat roof moss, algae, and fungus on both old and new roofs, regardless of the material. Its natural process harnesses the power of rainwater, gradually releasing zinc carbonate, a proven fungistat, which then washes down the roof, effectively preventing destructive growth.

We've Been Around Since 1984

With a legacy dating back to 1984, Z-STOP has earned recognition from esteemed publications like The Washington Post, The Family Handyman, Popular Mechanics, and many others.

Z-STOP Zinc Strip (50 Foot Roll) For Roof Moss Control:

  • Highly cost-effective, particularly when compared to the expense of roof repairs or replacements.
  • Long-lasting, with a lifespan of over 20 years.
  • Easy to install, making it a hassle-free solution.
  • Completely safe for roofing shingles, unless you are moss, algae, or fungus.
  • Safer and more effective than chemical moss control or moss killers used in roof cleaning.
  • Applicable on any roofing material, including composition, flat tile, metal, shingles, or cedar shakes.
  • Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.