For Resellers

Be a Reseller

We are always looking for new markets to develop which means sales opportunities for you. If you are a dealer, roofing contractor, installer or hardware distributor, we can offer special pricing on Z-STOP zinc strips (50 foot roll). We have a convenient application form for you to use.

Proven Seller

Major home improvement centers, hardware store and nurseries in the Northwestern Unites States have been selling Z-STOP zinc strips since 1984 and have racked up impressive sales records. Customers quickly accept Z-STOP, and when customers buy Z-STOP, they don't buy just a roll. The average home requires 3 rolls of Z-STOP .

Generate New Dollars!

Here's the kind of product that can make your day - not to mention your month or year! It's a proven product for your store that takes up very little space and turns itself into a whole lot of dollars.

Add $60 or More to Every Roofing Sale!

Z-STOP is the finishing touch to any roofing sale. It's a proven product that offers your customers real protection for their roofing investment. The average Z-STOP installation requires 3 rolls. Many take more. This adds up to $60, $90 or more in brand new dollars added to every roofing sale!

Multiple Displays for Maximum Profits

Think of all the ways you can use Z-STOP to make money. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take rolls of Z-STOP out of the case and make a pyramid.
  • Display Z-STOP along side of chemical moss killers in your lawn and garden section or at the service counter
  • Display at the end cap nearest the service counter
  • Put Z-STOP in the roofing department

Z-STOP Zinc Strip (50 Foot Roll) For Roof Moss Control Is:

  • VERY cost effective (especially compared to a roof repair or new roof)
  • Long Lasting ... 20+ years
  • EASY to install
  • Completely safe for roofing shingles (unless you're fungus, moss, algae or mildew)
  • Safer and works better than roof cleaning with chemical moss control or moss killer
  • Applied on any roofing material made of composition, flat tile, metal, shingles or cedar shakes
  • An ideal product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional roofer.