Z-STOP Zinc Strip Roof Moss Prevention

The Problem:

z-stop roof moss prevention - Image of roofing showing z-stop protected versus non protected damage. Z-Stop can prevent damage to roofing material and help save costly roof repairYou've just performed a costly roof repair, roofing remodel or roof cleaning. Looking around in your neighborhood you see one house after the other with a black or green discoloration on the roof shingles (roof moss or roof algae). If left untreated it will eventually destroy the roofing material.

The Solution:

Rolls of Z-Stop - Z-Stop zinc strip roof moss and fungus inhibitor for wood or composition roofingOur success is in what you don't see! Z-STOP, a zinc strip (50 foot roll) that's easily installed on your roof, acts as a barrier to roof moss, algae and fungus growth, protecting the roof, its appearance and value. Z-STOP is a zinc roof moss, algae and fungus inhibitor that is applied in strips to old or new roofs. It works with any wood or composition roof. The natural action of rain water time-releases zinc carbonate, a proven fungistat, which then washes down the roof preventing destructive roof moss, algae and fungus growth.

We've Been Around Since 1984

Z-STOP has been favorably written up by publications such as The Washington Post, The Family Handyman, Popular Mechanics, just to name a few.

Z-STOP Zinc Strip (50 Foot Roll) For Roof Moss Control Is:

  • VERY cost effective (especially compared to a roof repair or new roof)
  • Long Lasting ... 20+ years
  • EASY to install
  • Completely safe for roofing shingles (unless you're fungus, moss, algae or mildew)
  • Safer and works better than roof cleaning with chemical moss control or moss killer
  • Applied on any roofing material made of composition, flat tile, metal, shingles or cedar shakes
  • An ideal product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional.