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It's easy to order Z-STOP zinc strips (50 foot roll) right from our website. Please see below for ordering options:

  • Order online by credit card
  • Order by mail or fax with a printable form
  • Order by phone by calling (800) 845-5863 Toll Free

Note: If you are placing dealer/reseller orders with discounted pricing, please contact us directly.

z-stop zinc strips nails included

25% Off Sale Z-STOP Zinc Strips Only $49.99
$37.50 Per 50 Foot roll!

Z-STOP original price $49.99. Today's price is $37.50. Each roll includes 26 Neoprene Washered Roofing Nails AND SHIPPING!

You can place your credit card order online below. Type in the number of rolls requested and click on Add To Cart. The average roof requires three rolls of Z-STOP. You will then be requested for more information to process the order. Free Shipping in the Continental USA! Allow 3-5 days for delivery

Purchase Z-STOP Zinc Strips 50ft Roll & 26 Nails (includes shipping)- $37.50

Z-STOP Roll + 26 Nails $37.50 Each
Additional Nails with Z-STOP Purchase $5.00 Each

Purchase Z-STOP Bag of NAILS ONLY (NO Z-STOP order) - $12.00 1st bag (each additional bag $5.00)

Quantity Bags of Nails (26pc)

Z-STOP Zinc Strip (50 Foot Roll) For Roof Moss Control Is:

  • VERY cost effective (especially compared to a roof repair or new roof)
  • Long Lasting ... 20+ years
  • EASY to install
  • Completely safe for roofing shingles (unless you're fungus, moss, algae or mildew)
  • Safer and works better than roof cleaning with chemical moss control or moss killer
  • Applied on any roofing material made of composition, flat tile, metal, shingles or cedar shakes
  • An ideal product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional roofer.