Tools Needed: Hammer & Scissors

Image of Z-Stop zinc strips installed on roofing. Z-Stop zinc strips are an ideal product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional roofer.

On roofs with moss, algae, mildew or fungus, the existing growth must first be removed (by pressure washing or brushing), then the root systems must be chemically treated and destroyed (see magazine articles for bleach solution). Install Z-STOP zinc strips (50 foot roll) to keep it from growing back.

Apply Z-STOP zinc strip (50 foot roll) by butting it up against the ridge cap against both sides of all roof peaks (see graphic). Apply Z-STOP below anything that blocks rain water flow such as chimneys, gables and skylights. Rain water must run over Z-STOP to become effective.

Nail Z-STOP zinc strip (50-foot roll) approximately every two feet with galvanized neoprene washer roofing nails .

In areas of severe moss, algae, mildew or fungus growth, several horizontal rows of Z-STOP application may be necessary to assure its effectiveness over the entire roof surface.

Z-STOP Zinc Strip (50 Foot Roll) For Roof Moss Control Is:

  • VERY cost effective (especially compared to a roof repair or new roof)
  • Long Lasting ... 20+ years
  • EASY to install
  • Completely safe for roofing shingles (unless you're fungus, moss, algae or mildew)
  • Safer and works better than roof cleaning with chemical moss control or moss killer
  • Applied on any roofing material made of composition, flat tile, metal, shingles or cedar shakes
  • An ideal product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional.